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Friday, January 29, 2016

Top 10 Reasons we need a physical home for The Walking Gallery

Update: For the past year, I have been trying to find a property that would be a good physical home for The Walking Gallery of Healthcare. There we could host art classes for all ages, artists could paint jackets, and patients from around the world could visit us in peaceful Grantsville, Maryland. The red brick house (red brick is great for mural painting) next to mine became available and I put in an offer. The contract was accepted!!!

We need to close by February 19, 2016.  Then I must begin needed repairs to the furnace and plumbing.  I hope to have the space ready to have a public dedication on Thursday, May 19, 2016 at Cinderblocks3. 

My son Isaac thinks we should call the art center Salt and Pepper Studios, since salt is used in medicine and a little pepper is what makes health activists great. 

Thank you CANCER101 and so many others for supporting this project so far! I will keep you posted as we go forward. Some folks have had a few questions about the new art center. Though I do not do list posts very often, I thought this would be the easiest way to explain why we need to create this center.  

10. People need space to create. 

I have worked with the students in every class in Grantsville Elementary School as they created art for the Grantsville Art Walk.  That is 220 some children working on art.

We had a blast painting and the children did excellent work. Then I took 9 canvases and hundreds of painted rice paper sheets home and assembled the art into ten class creations.  This year I am very thankful I was able to do the assembly in the gallery space in my house.  (We gave up having a living room to have a gallery instead.) 

The last time I assembled this many class creations, I lived in a small apartment in Washington, DC. I can tell you from experience that doing large quantities of art in small spaces is very stressful on the artist and their family.  
We need space to create. We need rooms that can get messy and we can just shut the door.  We need a place to put our tools.  We need to be able to share those tools, because art can get very expensive and out of the economic reach if you have to buy everything for personal use. 

9. Painting can be very lonely.

You might have seen me painting at medical conferences around the world.  I am usually set up off to the side.  During every break the wonderful attendees come over to my easel.  We talk about their personal health stories and the power of art to heal.  The most important thing is: we talk.  Some people have noticed I do not paint Walking Gallery jackets as quickly when I am at home. There is a very good reason for that. 

At home, I paint alone.  I trudge down to my basement studio and paint for hours. Some artists may like this solitude, but I do not.  If I didn’t have the ability to listen to WAMU/NPR out of Washington or WFRB broadcasting from Finzel, I am not sure could complete my work.  I look forward with glee to the point when the painting is finished and I can get on Facebook and Twitter to post the pictures and “talk” with people again! Then I look over at the next jacket.  I pin it to its painting form.  I begin the process of priming it and painting alone.  

When my loving husband Fred was dying he worried.  He told me, “Reggie, you are going to be alone.  We both know you are not good at being alone.”  He is right.  Fred and I met 22 years ago in a painting class.  We were both sad and lost and we found each other.  We were never alone surrounded by stories, paint and each other.  Now he is gone and our sons remain.  Each day I work very hard at painting our family ever larger.  That family is The Walking Gallery and that family needs a home.

We need a place that artists from all over America can come and paint together.  A place where we can support and inspire each other.  If we want this movement to grow from hundreds to thousands of jackets, we need a place where we can paint and grow this movement. 

8. Children need to see the arts as highly valued in our society. 

The children are watching.  They are amazing information sponges.  They see that in school they have math and reading everyday but may only get art once a week.  Or perhaps they must choose.  They can take an art class or a music class or band, but not all three.  They can see that a town or a county will spend thousands on a soccer field, tennis courts and baseball diamonds, but not invest in outdoor easels and public art.

I know that art is the driving force that helped me through a very hard childhood.  I know having the opportunity to draw a picture and act in a play made all the difference in my life.  I know that I attended school and stayed in school because I loved my art class and my debate class.  We need places like this art center, shining like a beacon of hope and creativity because people will see it and the children are watching.

7. We need a culture of healing in healthcare and not just a sickness model.

When I begin to explain what I do, people often interrupt with the question, “So are you an art therapist?”  I explain no.  Art therapy is great and art has so much power to heal.  But I use art in a way that goes beyond the therapeutic goal. I use art to share stories. I use art to create public policies that are patient centric and I focus my art on the world of healthcare. 

Right now there are many activists and advocates like myself focused on flipping the sickness model of care into a new culture of healing.  We talk with hospital executives and hear their concerns about a future of empty beds and lost revenue.  We counter with a different vision.  What if the hospital of tomorrow is an art-filled community hub, a fitness center and a play area for children, as well as a place that can provide needed emergent care?  Some CEOs scoff at this vision of tomorrow, but it is already happening throughout the country.  For example look to Eskenazi Health, a public city hospital, in Indianapolis; they have a public garden, a water feature to play in and dozens of commissioned pieces of art throughout the grounds of their facility.   Just read the words of CEO Lisa E. Harris, MD:

So this really edgy concept of hospitals embracing the arts is becoming mainstream.  Now let’s do something really innovative; let’s build an art center that embraces medicine.

6. Communities need a place to congregate that is not centered on eating.

For many years my family lived in a small apartment and it would often get very claustrophobic.  On nice days we could go to the park, but in winter the options were few and far between.  We could go to stores and spend money that we could scarce afford or we could go out to eat.  The problem with frequently going out to eat is that the caloric load is very high, especially in the types of food establishments a poor family can afford.  As a person who is very plump, I try to find public events and venues that allow congregation, but are not centered on food.

Art classes, health workshops and family game nights are all wonderful ways to utilize our future center without adding to the national obesity crisis. 

5. We can do great things by crowdfunding in healthcare. 

I go into way too many meetings where people tell me the good ideas they envision to help others cannot be realized.   They do not have the funding.  I reply, have you tried crowdfunding?  At this point with the help of the crowd, we have created patient travel scholarships, a video on how to join the Walking Gallery and help pay for our first Partnership with Patients conference: #Cinderblocks.

This project is part of a current crowdfund campaign on gofundme: The Walking Gallery   We already have raised money towards the down payment on this building on Medstartr and now are gathering the funds to make needed repairs after closing, insurance for the building and any offsite events, and this fund helps pay for the paint and shipping cost associated with the Walking Gallery.

4. Creative Placemaking is really happening, check it out! 

Around the nation a movement is building called Creative Placemaking:

In September 2014, I was able to attend a Creative Placemaking Summit in Cumberland, Maryland hosted by the Allegany Arts Council. Across the nation hacker spaces, maker spaces and art bars are cropping up.  In Garret County we already have a business incubator hub in McHenry and a maker space in Accident.  It just makes economic and geographic sense to have an Arts Center in Grantsville.

In July 2015, Grantsville became the site of the first Arts and Entertainment District in Garrett County.  My work with the students of the local school, hosting #Cinderblocks2 here and creating pieces of neighborhood art, helped ensure this designation. 

3. You can’t build an international movement without wifi.

If you are familiar with Grantsville, you will know it is very accessible.  Our town is right off Interstate 68 and is intersected by the National Pike/Route 40. The community is bookended by Route 669 and Route 219 and bisected by Route 495

The town is also wired for high-speed internet through Comcast cables.  Now for many of my readers who live in big cities that may not seem very important, but in this mostly rural area it is a very big deal indeed.  Many of our geographically close neighbors have to deal with the frequent outages of satellite internet.  We can provide the community a space that is so very needed in this day and age. 

This space can also be the command center as we plan #Cinderblocks3The Partnership with Patients Continues. (You can register here!)  #Cinderblocks3 will bring 170 people to Grantsville in late May of 2016. We hope to make it an annual tradition, a sort of Burning Man meets Healthcare. 

2. Some of us need a safe place to go. 

For many years I suffered abuse as a child.  I would not often talk about it, but I wrote about it and I drew about it. I hoped my teachers would act, but they never did in an obvious way.  That was another time and another place.  Today we are supposed help those who are in abusive situations.  Sometimes you can even prevent some abuse through better use of space and free time.  It is very hard for a family to be stuck in a small space in a long winter.  It helps if there is a safe place that you can go and play.

In addition, throughout this past year many patients and artists have reached me. They have asked for help.  They need a place to stay; they need a place to heal.  They need the mentorship of a strong advocate and the embrace of a loving community. That place can be this center.

1.  I am rooted here.

I have lived in so many places in my long and winding life.  We always rented; we always moved.  The Uhaul truck became a familiar friend.  In 2009, my husband Fred died and was buried here in Grantsville. Our children place toys upon his grave.  He lies two blocks from our home, three blocks from our Church and four blocks from his parent’s house.  He walks with us in spirit. 

People ask me, “Why  create a home for the Walking Gallery in Grantsville, Maryland?" I say because this place is quiet, kind and peaceful.  This town can help others as visitors can help Grantsville continue to thrive. But most of all because I founded The Walking Gallery of Healthcare.  The Gallery must grow, must walk; but I am its roots, and I am rooted here.

Thank you all and God bless.

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Walking Gallery: Year 5

This is the fifth year of the Walking Gallery of Healthcare.  

We now number over 350 members walking around the world with patient story paintings on our backs. 
This "walking wall" is changing minds and opening hearts. 
We are attending medical conferences where often there isn’t a patient speaker on the dais or in the audience. We are providing a patient voice, and by doing so, are changing the conversation.

An artist or artists interviews medical professionals and lay individuals to form a patient centric narrative. The artist then creates representational imagery and paint that picture story upon the business jacket of the provider of the narrative account. The provider of the patient story aka “Walker” wears the jacket to medical conferences and events in order to disseminate the patient story to a large group of policy minded attendees and to represent the individual patient voice in venues where they are underrepresented. Further, both artist and walker will support the spread of the story and image via social media.

As of January 2016, 367 unique Walkers have joined the Gallery wearing 403 jackets.  The Gallery has representatives on five continents, but the majority of Walkers reside in the US. One artist creates the majority of the art, but new artists are frequently joining the movement.  The Gallery is promoted heavily on twitter, facebook and personal blogs.   Its widening appeal within the health conference community is creating a new space for patients at such events.

The names of the Artists of The Walking Gallery followed by the quantity of jackets they have painted:  
1. Regina Holliday, 348 jackets
2. Isaac Holliday, 1 jacket
3. Becca Price, 1 jacket
4. Miriam Cutelis, 1 jacket
5. Ess Lipczenko, 1 jacket
6. Ben Merrion, 1 jacket
7. Courtney Mazza, 8 jackets
8. Michele Banks, 1 jacket
9. Megan Mitchell,1 jacket
10. Robert J. Filley, 3 jackets
11. Anita Samarth, 1 jacket
12. Mary Welch Higgins, 2 jackets
13. Richard Sachs, 2 jackets
14. Jonah Daniel,  1 jacket
15. Fred Trotter, 1 jacket
16. Leela, 1 jacket
17. Gayle Schrier Smith, 1 jacket
18. Moira Simms, 1 jacket
19. Joan Holliday, 1 jacket
20. Adalyn, 1 jacket
21. Chris Chan, 1 jacket
22. Amy O'Hanlon, 1 jacket
23. Vera Rulon, 1 jacket
24. Jessica Nicula, 2 jackets
25. Nikai, 1 jacket
26. Deonm, 1 jacket
27. Daquane, 1 jacket
28. Olivia Dias, 1 jacket
29. Donnell Bonaparte, 1 jacket
30. Hazel F., 1 jacket
31. Rachel Fields, 1 jacket
32. Zoe Carr, 1 jacket
33. Thomas Richardson, 1 jacket
34. Tamela Mack, 1 jacket
35. Julia Anderson, 1 jacket
36. DJ Hamilton, 1 jacket
37. Jenn Toby, 1 jacket
38. Camala Walling, 1 jacket
39. Jordan Lanham, 1 jacket
40. Josh Miller, 1 jacket
41.  Te'j Matthews, 1 jacket
42.  Tony Zieger, 1 jacket
43   Shannon Shine, 2 jackets

For more information about joining the movement please scroll to the bottom of this post.

The Walking members who joined in Year Five:

403."A Masters at Work" a jacket for Teresa Masters

402. "I Hear You" a jacket for Melissa Phipps 

401."The Ups and Downs, and Downs, and Downs" a jacket for Liz Boehm

400. "Data Flight" a jacket for Stacey Conklin

399. "This is my first rodeo." a jacket for Joe Lavelle

398. "DNR" a jacket for Brandon Jones

397. "Double Major" a jacket for Leslie Rott

396. "Healing this Wound" a jacket for Kenyon Crowley

395. "The Light Within" a jacket for Geri Lynn Baumblatt

394. "Concealing and Revealing" a jacket for Ramin Bastani

If you are interested in joining the Walking Gallery here is the info:

Here is a short film about the movement:

to understand the origin of the idea. to understand the sacred nature of this path

To view the jackets in year one 1-162

To view the jackets of year two 163-251

To view jackets of year three 252-328

To view jackets year four 329-393

The Rules of The Walking Gallery:  What you need to do to be a member: 

1.  Promise that you will wear this jacket to conferences and public events at least 2-3 times per year in order to spread awareness of the power of the patient voice.

2.  Send a business jacket. Please do not send jackets made of seersucker, corduroy, knit, denim, leather or stretch fabric, as they are hard to paint on. Absolutely do not send stretch fabric.  I cannot paint on stretch fabric, as the painting will shred.  You can check if a jacket is stretch by trying to pull at the fiber on the horizontal. Also this is a business jacket on purpose, we are painting on the “uniform” of the conference attendee.  Fabrics that work well are poly-blends, linen, cotton and wool. Also you might want to by a jacket a size larger than you usually do as the painting will stiffen the back and make it harder to close the buttons. 

3.  Tell me your life/patient story, your patient-centered concept that is the center of why you work in health and medicine. Please include personal details of your life so I can more fully realize your image.  You can tell me which story elements you do not wish to publicly disclose in text, but it does help to know the underlying experiences and conditions that are the source of your mission. Please send via email with some pictures if possible of yourself or the people in your story.  If you don't want to provide a picture, that’s okay, I have a vivid imagination.  Also please print it out and send with jacket so I can keep track of jackets and their stories.

4.  Artists can participate by painting their own jacket or another's or both.

5.  This movement is spread and organized through social media.  You will need to use twitter, Facebook, etc. to support the mission.  I am using Twitter hash tag to link us all together so please tweet about your jacket appearances under #TheWalkingGallery

6.  You are free to use the image in your own advocacy mission; I also retain the right to reproduce the image for advocacy purposes and write about your mission in areas you are comfortable with disclosing. 

7.  Donations are welcome to offset the cost of paint and shipping, but are not required and you cannot buy a jacket painting.  You are joining a movement and this is a sacred oath to walk the walk and spread the word.

Welcome to the Gallery.

Any questions?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Paintings of The Medical Advocacy Mural Project: 2009-2015

I began my advocacy mission in 2009 inspired by my husband Fred Holliday II and our fight for patient data access while he was continuously hospitalized at five facilities in eleven weeks.  I started my advocacy by painting murals.  Thus began Medical Advocacy Mural Project.

Then I started to paint studio pieces on canvas.  At this point I have painted 29 canvases in my home studio.  It is a quiet thoughtful process but sometimes quite lonely.

In the fall of 2010, I began to live paint at conferences.  Live painting is such an amazing process.  I love the energy of the crowd and the speaker.  I love the frequent interruptions that add depth and story to the piece.  In the past five years I have painted 245 live paintings.  They vary greatly.  As I scroll through them, I can see my growth as an artist.  I thank every venue that has given me the space to paint and thereby allowed me to create hundreds of images while meeting so many amazing people.

(I also founded a movement called The Walking Gallery.  I have painted 345 jackets in that movement in four years. You can learn more about that here. There are 43 artists painting and we have painted 394 jackets.)

2015 Paintings:

November 17, 2015
Keynote Speaker Experian Health/Passport 2015 Financial Performance Summit
San Antonio, Texas
245.) "I Drink Your Milkshake"

October 29, 2015
Keynote Speaker for Yale New Haven Health Service Excellence Conference
Bridgeport, Connecticut
244.) "That Which Shifts Beneath Us" 

October 21, 2015
Keynote IQ Consortium 2015 Annual Symposium,
Chantilly, Virginia
243.) "BacktotheFutureDay"

October 9, 2015
Onsite Painter WHITE 2015,

Washington, DC

242.) "Thought Process"

October 2, 2015,
Keynote speaker at 6th Annual John Hopkins Health System Patient Safety Summit,
Baltimore, Maryland

241.) "Through the Eyes of the Patient"  a facilitated art piece with attendees

September 29, 2015
Keynote speaker at Caradigm Customer Summit 2015,
Seattle, Washington

240.) "Moving Target"

September 28, 2015
Keynote Speaker at Colorado Health Foundation: Building Better Health
Denver, Colorado

239.) "It just does" 

September 24, 2015

Keynote Speaker and Art Facilitator at 2015 LAC-DHS Patient Safety Conference and Awards Ceremony, Los Angeles, California

238.) "Bully"

August 7, 2015
Allscripts User Group Annual Conference ACE15,
Boston, Massachusetts
237.) Painting Title: "This Tower We Build" 

July 28, 2015
Transforming the Health Experience at Razorfish Health,
Hamilton, New Jersey
236.) Painting Title "Blank Slate" 

June 24, 2015
External Focus: Putting the Patient First, Novartis,
San Diego, California
235.) Painting Title: "The Moon Shot"

June 15, 2015
DIA (Drug Information Association) 2015 Conference, Washington, DC
234.) Painting Title: "This Place of Peace"

June 4-6, 2015
#Cinderblocks2 Conference (Sequel to Partnership with Patients) 
Grantsville, Maryland
233.) Painting Title: "#Cinderblocks2"

May 14, 2015
North Carolina Medical Group Managers
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
232.) Painting Title: "This is a New Shell Game."

May 7, 2015
The Midwest Care Coordination Conference, Evansville, Indiana
231.) Painting Title: "Still Life No Longer."

April 13-15, 2015
HIMSS 2015, Chicago, Illinois
230.) HISTalk Painting Entitled:"The HIStalking Gallery"

229.) HIStalk Painting Entitled: "We Are Your Biggest Fans!"

228.) Caradigm Painting Title: "A Time of Reckoning"

April 10, 2015
Patient Experience Conference 2015, The Beryl Institute, Dallas, Texas
227.) Painting Title: "It was a Bright and Shinning Day"

April 1, 2015
University of Southern Indiana: Nursing Leadership Annual Conference, Evansville, Indiana
226.) Painting Title: "High, Solid, Low Tide"

March 26, 2015
Nursing Leadership Network or Toronto Annual Conference, Toronto, Ontario
225.) Painting Title: "Flying Home"

March 2015
224.) Impact Pediatric Health SXSW,  Austin, Texas 

February 20, 2015
Canada Health Infoway, Toronto, Ontario
223.) Painting Title: "Sharing the Patient Story"

2014 Paintings:

December 6, 2014
Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis, Boston, Massachusetts
222.) Painting Title: "Hatching"

November 13, 2014
HBA 2014:Healthcare Businesswoman’s Association Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois
221.) Painting Title: "Inspired by Glass"

October 29, 2014
Orion Health, Ojai, California
220.) Painting Titled: "The Eye of Orion"

October 16, 2014
Christus Health, Tucson, Arizona 
219.) Painting Day 1 Title: "Discernment of the Value Based Proposition"

218.) Painting Day 2 Title: "For the Glory of God"

October 10, 2014
WHITE 2014: 5th Annual Workshop on Health IT and Economics. 
217.) Painting Title: "Climate Change in HIT" 

October 9, 2014
Patient Experience Regional Roundtable, Beryl Institute, Boston, Massachusetts
216.) Painting Title: "The Halo Effect"

October 7-8, 2014
Escape Velocity to a Culture of Health, Cambridge, Massachusetts
215.) Painting Day 1 Title: "The Dance"

214.) Painting Day 2 Title: "A Movement of Movements"

September 30, 2014
IdeaFestival ®: “Thrivals,” Louisville, Kentucky
213.) Painting Title: "This Amazing Energy"

September 26-28, 2014
Medicine X, Stanford, California
212.) Conference Painting: "The Heroes" 

September 15, 2014
National HIT Week, HHS, Washington, DC 
211.) Painting Title: "Reaching the Summit" 

September 4, 2014
SEAHEC South East Area Health Education Center, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
210.) Painting Title: "A Time for Disruptive Change"

August 11-14, 2014
HIC2014, HISA, Melbourne, Australia
209.) Painting Day 1 Title: "#Revolution"

208.) Painting Day 2 Title: "We Are Paying Attention"

207.)  Painting Day 3 Title: "The Futurists"

June 15-17, 2014
Keynote Speaker Drug Information Association, San Diego, California
206.) Painting Day 1 Title: "What We Bring to the Party"

205.) Painting Day 2 Title: "Above, Below, Connected"

June 6, 2014
Kansas Health Symposium, Wichita, Kansas
204.) Painting Title: "Breaking Ground"

May 15-16, 2014
National Patient Safety Foundation: Patient Safety Congress
Orlando, Florida
203.) Painting Day 1 Title: "Shadowing"

202.) Painting Day 2 Title: "Highlights"

May 12, 2014
Healthcare Team Week, Indiana University Health, Bloomington, Indiana
201.) Painting Title: "What Was Old is New Again"

May 8-9, 2014
REV 2014, Genentech Meeting, Washington, DC
200.) Conference Painting Title: "Rev 2014"

199.) Painting Day 1 Title: "Living Our Lives"

198.) Painting Day 2 Title: "In the Hallway"

April 29, 2014
Ontario Update 2014, HIMSS Ontario and COACH,
197.) Painting Title: "Onwards and Upwards"

April 23-24, 2014
We Can Do Better, Portland, Oregon
196.) Painting Title: "We Can Do Better"

April 10-11, 2014
Northern Regional Health in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada
195.) Painting Title: "Compass Points of the North" 

Northern Regional Health in The Pas, Manitoba, Canada
194.) Painting Title: "Summer Breeze"

February 25, 2014
Patient Experience Forum, HIMSS, Orlando, Florida
193.) Painting Title: "Himss and Hers"

February 25, 2014
Patient Point Booth, HIMSS, Orlando Florida
192.) Painting Title: "The Patient's Point"

February 19-20, 2014
Lecturer College of New Jersey, Ewing New Jersey
191.) Painting Title: "Hope"

January 29, 2014
Tri State Health Informatics Summit, University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, Indiana
190.) Painting Title: "The Web We Weave"

January 25, 2014
Families USA,  Health Action, Baltimore, MD
189.) Painting Title:"Helping Us to Fly"

2013 Paintings:

November 27, 2013
Saskatchewan Academic Health Sciences Network, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
188.) Painting Title: "Tomorrow"

November 25, 2013
A Painting for Caresync in Florida
187.) Title of Painting: "Caresync"

November 15, 2013
Annual Workshop on Health IT and Economics (WHITE 2013) Washington, DC
186.) Painting Title: "Distressed"

November 7, 2013
Midwest Care Alliance, Columbus, Ohio
185.) Painting Title: "Encapsulated Care"

November 6, 2013
MetaStar Conference, Madison, Wisconsin

184.) Painting Title: "MetaStar" 

October 16, 2013
St. Joseph’s Hospital, Bangor, Maine
183.) Painting Title: "The Hashtag Path of the Beam"

Planetree Annual Conference 2013
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
182.) Painting 1 Title: " From Patient to Empowered "

181.) Painting 2 Title: "The Fire Within"

180.) Painting 3 Title: "Ideas"

179.) Painting 4 Title: "Spirit of Planetree Award"

178.) Painting 5 Title: Planetree

177.) Painting 6 Title: "Lucie's Award" 

September 29- October 1, 2013
Health 2.0 San Francisco, California
176.) Painting Title: "Launch"

September 26-29, 2013
Stanford Medicine X, Stanford, California
175.) Conference Painting: "Such as These"

174.) Painting Title: "The Graphic Interface"

September 21, 2013
Southeastern Michigan Health Information Management Association Annual Meeting, Detroit, Michigan

173.) Painting 1 Title: "Navigating the Portal"

172. Painting 2 Title: "The Rising Sun"

September 17, 2013
2013 AHIMA Health Integrity Summit, Alexandria, Virginia
171.) Painting Title:"The Standard Bearers"

September 16, 2013
National Health IT Week, HHS, Washington DC
170.) Painting Title: "Time to Leave the Island"

Sept 12-13, 2013
KUMC, Kansas City, Kansas

169.) Painting 1 Title: "Higher Ed"

168.) Painting 2 Title: "More Than Just a Number"

September 3, 2013
Advanced Hernia Solutions, Daytona, Florida
167.) Painting Title: "The Plural Apostrophe"

August 28, 2013
Iowa Healthcare Collaborative (IHC), Altoona, Iowa
166.) Painting 1 Title: "The Hospital That Flies"

165.) Painting 2 Title: "Our Crest"

August 12, 2013
164.) "Patients Included," a Painting for Lucien Engelen

August 7, 2013
The 32nd Annual Colorado Health Symposium, Keystone, Colorado
163.) Painting 1 Title: "Beyond the Bridge"

162.) Painting 2 Title: "The Rattle's Warning"

August 5, 2013
Merge Live User Group Conference, Chicago, Illinois
161.) Painting Title: "#MergeLive"

August 2, 2013
160.) The Painting "Eliza" for Eliza Corp.

July 10, 2013
159.) Script Your Future: Challenge Award Painting

June 23, 2013
Panel Presentation, Academy Health’s Innovation Station at ARM, Baltimore, Maryland
158.) Painting Title:

June 17-18, 2013
Mississippi Calling: Healthcare Symposium- ePatient Literacy, Jackson, Mississippi
157.) Painting 1 Title: "View From The 50 Foot Patient"

156.) Painting 2 Title: "Altar Call"

June 12-13, 2013
Collaboration Across Borders IV, Vancouver, Canada
155.) Painting 1 Title: "Red Rover"

154.) Painting 2 Title: "Snake House"

153.) Painting 3 Title: "This is the Pearl"

June 6, 2013 MedCity Engage, Washington, DC
152.) Painting Title: "My Baby"

May 31, 2013 Genetic Alliance and Intermountain, Powerful Patient Data: Genomics and Family Health History in Health IT, Salt Lake City Utah
151.) Painting Title: "The Golden Ring"

May 30, 2013
Kaiser Permanente Innovation Retreat, Denver, Colorado
150.) Painting 1 Title: "Post Industrial Camp Fire"

149.) Painting 2 Title: "Things to Come"

May 11, 2013
Louisville Hackathon, Washington, DC
148.) Painting Title: "#Coderwb"

May 9, 2013
California HIE Stakeholder Summit, Sacramento, California 
147.) Painting 1 Title: "Innovating the Wheel"

146.) Painting 2 Title: "The Night Rainbow"

April 26, 2013
The Role of Patient Engagement:  Diverse Perspectives from Our Panel of Experts for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s, Center for Biomedical Informatics’ Annual Healthcare Informatics Symposium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
145.) Painting 1 Title: "The Story Within"

144.) Painting 2 Title "Moving"

April 21, 2013
HealthFOO: The Unconference
143.) Painting Title: The Open Door

April 17, 2013
Medseek Conference, Austin, Texas  
142.) Painting 1 Title: "Yin/Yang in Healthcare"

141.) Paining 2 Title: "Babel Revisited"

April 11, 2013
NCAL HIMSS Chapter on Patient Engagement, Fairfield, California
140.) Painting 1 Title: "Sky"

139.)  2 Title: "The Heart of the Matter" 

April 10, 2013
ACMA (American Case Managers Association), San Diego, California
138.) Painting 1 Title: "Two Cities"

137.) Painting 2 Title: "Esperanza"

March 25, 2013
HDX Conference, Boston, Massachusetts
136.) Painting Title: "Oncoming Tide"

March 21-22, 2013
Third Annual Crossing the Infrastructure HITECH Meaningful Divide Symposium: The Patient and Technology:  Partners in Care, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
135.) Painting 1 Title: "The Standard Bearer"

134.) Painting  2 Title: "Pop Health"

March 20, 213
Keynote Speaker for Maine Association for Healthcare Quality, Bangor Maine
133.) Painting Title: "Process of Care" 

March 19, 2013

Patient Safety Awareness Week, Calais, Maine
132.) Painting Double Side Title: "Day/Night"

March 10, 2013
Our City Film Festival, Washington DC
131.) Painting Title: "#OurCityFilmFest"

March 6-7, 2013
Expectations: University Hospitals Case Medical Center has a Quality and Patient Safety Fair, Cleveland, Ohio
130.) Painting Title: "This Ship"

March 5, 2013
HIMSS Patient Experience with HIT, New Orleans, Louisiana
129.) Painting Title 1:"Portals and Cores"

128.) Painting Title 2: "Randomized Care"

127.) Painting Title 3: "Woot! The Patients are coming"

February 26, 2013
Edelman Meeting, Washington DC
126.) Painting 1 Title: "External Drivers and Internal Swirls"

February 22, 2013
Selling Sickness, Washington, DC
125.) Painting Title: "For Him"

January 29-30, 2013
C-TAC(Coalition to Transform Advanced Care) National Summit on Advanced Care, Washington, DC
124.) Painting Title: "It is 7:20 Here"

2012 Paintings

December 12, 2012
AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association) 7th Annual Invitational Policy Meeting: Health Data Use, Stewardship and Governance: Ongoing Gaps and Challenges
123.)Painting Title: "Break Out Session"

December 11, 2012
ONC Annual Meeting, HHS, Washington< DC
122.) Painting Title:"Root Certificate"

November 30, 2012
Partnership for Patients, Washington, DC
121.) Painting Title: "Organic Change"

November 14, 2012
University of New England, Portland Campus, Portland, Maine
120.) Painting Title: "Med School"

November 9, 2012
Keynote Speech eHealth Summit for all South Dakota healthcare providers and REC partners, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
119.) Painting 1 Title: "Falling into Place"

118.) Painting 2 Title: "Connected"

November 8, 2012
TedX Detroit, Detroit, Michigan
117.) Painting Title:

October 27, 2012
116.) Painting Title: "Trapped Energy at PCORI"

October 24, 2012
Keynote Speaker, Korea Healthcare Congress, Seoul, Korea
115.) Painting 1 Title: "The Data Tree"

114.) Painting 2 Title: "The Fiscal Cliff"

October 18, 2012
Avera Nursing Conference, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 
113.) Painting Title: "Hospice Moon"

112.) Painting Title: "10 Years Nurses"

October 11, 2012
Open Notes, Washington, DC
111.) Painting Title: "Open Notes"

October 9-10, 2012 Buffalo, NY
P2 Collaborative of Western New York
110.) Painting Title: "The Senior Fair"

110.) Painting Title: "The Canyon of Care" 

October 4-5, 2012
CorePoint User Group Meeting, Dallas, Texas
109.) Painting Title: The Magic Porridge Pot"

108.) Painting Title: "Of Forks and Spoons"

October 1-2, 2012
AHIMA Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois
107.) Painting Title: "Under One Tent"

106.) Painting Title: "We were here all along"

105.) Painting Title: "The Launch"

September 27-28, 2012
Stanford Medicine X 2012, Stanford, California
104.) Conference Painting Title: "Medicine X"

103.) Painting Title: "Ignite"

102.) Painting Title: "Skinny Genes"

September 6, 2012
Annual Kaiser Permanente IT Summit, San Francisco, California
101.) Painting Title: "Vision"

100.) Painting Title: "In the Hedgerows"

August 9, 2012
Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) Annual Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana
99.) Conference Painting Title: "The Orchestra"

98.) Painting Title: "The MT Compass Star"

97.) Painting Title: "The Window"

August 7, 2012 Medstartr Painting, New York, New York
96.) Painting Title: "Medstartr"

August 1-3, 2012
HIC 2012 Sydney, Australia
95.) Painting Title: "Running out of Time"

94.) Painting Title: "Counter Clockwise"

July 10, 2012
Script Your Future Award Paintings
93.) Painting Title:1

92.) Painting Title:2

91.)  Painting Title:3

90.) Painting Title:4

89.) Painting Title:5

June 5-6, 2012
HDI (Health Data Innovation) III, Washington, DC
88.) Painting Title: "Health Data Palooza"

May 30, 2012
Avatar Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida
87.) Painting Title: "Stages"

86.) Painting Title: "The Mirror Reflection"

May 18-20, 2012
Health Foo Camp, Cambridge, Mass
85.) Painting Title: "Community"

May 18, 2012
84.) Impatient Patient for Roni Zeiger

May 17, 2012
Learning Health System Summit, Washington, DC
83.) Painting Title: "Chaordic"

May 7 -9, 2012
ICSI Colloquium, Minneapolis, Minnesota
82.) Painting Title: "Reconciliationship"

81.) Painting Title:"The Lone Nut"

80.) Painting Title: "The Care Team"

April 27, 2012
Panel Speaker, Patient Safety and High Performance Leadership Summit: Issues in Governance, National Collaborative, and HIT, National Press Club, Washington, DC
79.) Painting Title: "Hubris Hospital:The Healthcare Tsunami"

April 25, 2012
“The Power of Long Stories,” 5th Annual Patient Safety Symposium, Columbia, South Carolina
78.) Painting Title: "Flame of Hope"
77.) Painting Title: "Silos"

76.) Painting Title: "Awards of Transparency"

April 17-18, 2012
Keynote Speaker, Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care 19th Annual Quality Conference, Hot Springs, Arkansas
75.) Painting Title: "Natural State"

74.) Painting Title:'The Moral Energy"

April 11-13, 2012
TEDMED onsite artist Washington, DC

73.) Painting Title: "The Dance of Care"

72.) Painting Title:"Death"

71.) Painting Title: "Drones"

70.) Painting Title: "Missing Ingredients"

69.) Painting Title: "The Unmentionables"

68.) Painting Title: "Sacred Cow"

67.) Painting Title: "One Day Pass"

66.) Painting Title: "Flight"

65.) Painting Title: "The First is Last"

64.) Painting Title: "Spit"

Painting Title: "Space"

April 5, 2012
Linkage Conference in Columbus, Ohio
63.) Painting Title: "Your Choice: Darkness or Light"

62.) Painting Title: "The Linkage Pin Wheel" 

April 4, 2012
“A Story Before Dying” Maine Quality Counts, Augusta, Maine
61.) Award Painting Maine Quality Counts

60.) Painting Title: "Trees of Maine"

March 26th, 2012
HDX (Healthcare Experience Design) hosted by MAD POW, Boston, Massachusetts
59.) Painting Title: "Wind of Change"

March 16, 2012
IHI Meeting, Washington DC
58.) Painting Title: "Three Stages of Meaningful Use"

February 28, 2012
Testimony before NCVHS Silver Spring, MD
57.) Painting Title: "Measure for Measure"

February 23rd, 2012
HIMSS12 Leading from the Future Las Vegas, Nevada
56.) Painting Title: "The Island of New Jersey" 

55.) Painting Title: "Journey to Joy"

February 16-17, 2012
Avera Health Care Forum, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
54.) Painting Title: "EMR Kudzu"

53.) Painting Title: "The I of the Storm"

2011 Paintings

December 29, 2011
52.)  Speakerlink Painting

November 10, 2011
Aligning Forces for Quality
51.) Painting Title: "The Cost Benefit Analysis"

November  7, 2015
Benevolent Media Festival
50.) Painting Title: "3.2%

November 1-2, 2011
OCHIN 2011 Learning Forum, Portland, Oregon
49.) Painting Title: "50%"

48.) Painting Title: "The Faces of Meaningful Use"

October 18-19, 2011
Adventist Health Sacramento, CA
47.) Painting Title: "CDS"

46.) Painting Title: "Open and Transparent"

45.) Painting Title: "Bursting into Song"

October 11-12, 2011
Sharp HealthCare Quarterly Leadership Development Session, San Diego
44.) Painting Title: "My Sharp"

43.) Painting Title: "The Sharp Dance"

42.) Painting Title: "1000 Cranes" 

October 72011
Hendricks Health, Abilene, Texas
41.) Painting Title: "The Story" 


40.) Painting Title: "How May I Help You?"

39.) Painting Title: "Mission Statement"

October 3, 2011
ONC Consumer Event: The H in HIT, HHS, Washington, DC
38.) Painting Title: "The I in HIT"

September 29-30th, 2011
Keystone Beacon Community, Geisinger Health in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
37.) Painting Title: "The View from Geisinger"

September 25-27, 2011
Health 2.0 2011 San Francisco, CA
36.) Painting Title: "Health 2.0 Street Art"

September 18, 2011
Unite for a Healthy Future, UN Summit on Non Communicable Diseases, New York, New York
35.) Painting Title: "I Grok in Fullness"  

September 14-15, 2011
AIM, Oregon
34.) Painting Title; "ONC Love Story"

33.) Painting Title: "The Beacon Lights" 

32.) Painting Title: "Don't Miss the Train"

31.) Painting Title: "HIT Oath: The I in HIT" 

June 28- July 1, 2011
Client Symposium for Avatar International, Orlando, Florida
30.) Painting Title: "#PatientOne"

29.) Painting Title: "The Burning Platform."

June 16, 2011,
Partnership for Patients Kick-off Meeting, Washington, DC
28.) Painting Title: "Partnership with Patients"

June 13 -14, 2011
QUEST National Meeting, Premier, Nashville, Tennessee
27.) Painting Title: "The Three Iris Eye."

26.) Painting Title: "The Turtle's Path"

25.) Painting Title: "Generational Health Care"

24.) Painting Title: "Avoiding CA-UTI"

April 27-28, 2011
Microsoft Connected Health Conference 2011, Chicago, Illinois
23.) Painting Title: "Alpha and Omega: The A to Z of Me" 

April 19, 2011
RTI Forum: Patients as Partners in Care: Engaging Patients through Health IT, Washington, DC
22.) Painting Title: "One of Us. One of Us."

April 11-12, 2011
Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality Rural Hospital Conference, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
21.) Painting Title: "HIT Glue"

April 7, 2011
Health Affairs Briefing: Still Crossing the Quality Chasm, Washington DC
20.) Painting Title:  "Crossing the Quality Chasm"

March 28, 2011
19.) "Careticker" Painting for Chiara Bell

March 11, 2011
Bellin Health, Green Bay Wisconsin
18.) Painting Title "Quilting Bee" 

January 2, 2011
Social Justice Camp II, Washington, DC
17.) Painting Title: "The Empowered are Back"

2010 Paintings

December 20, 2010
A Painting for Alex Drane's Father
16.) Painting Title: "We Meets East"

December 5-6, 2010
IHI Patient Activist Summit, Orlando, FloridaNovember 30- December 2, 2010
15.) Painting Title: "Patient Centered Care."

November 22, 2010
Art show at Politics and Prose, Washington DC
14.) Painting Title: "The Menu Set"

October 7-8, 2010
Health 2.0 Conference, San Francisco, California
13.)Painting Title: “Bridging the Great Divide”

September 25-27, 2010
“The Worst Pain Imaginable” Speech and Onsite Painting, e-Patients Connections from Kru Research, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
12.) Painting Title:"Closed Data Loop"

11.) Painting Title: "Point to Point Communication"

10.) Painting Title: "The Future of HIE"

July 29, 2010
“e-Patient Ephemera” Guest Artist, Clinovations Art Gallery Show, Washington, DC
9.) Painting Title: "Apples to Apples"

8.) Painting Title: "Office Hours"

7.) Painting Title: "Are You Alright?"

6.) Painting Title: "Give Us Our Dammed Data"

5.) March 18, 2010
Painting Title: "Death of the Paper Transfer"

2009 Paintings

4.) November 2, 2009
Painting Title: "We Need More Nurses"

3.) October 2, 2009
Moca Gallery Show
Painting Title: "The Embrace"

2.) September 30, 2009
Painting Title: "73 Cents"

1.) May 30, 2009
Painting Title: "The Medical Facts Mural"